Monday, May 02, 2011

Yard Sale Fodder

It's that time of the year...yard and garage sales are all over in our area.  We've been out for the past two weekends looking for furniture, toys for John Mason, and anything else that looks good. ;)

Around our community, there are a lot of neighborhoods, so it's great to check out Craigslist to find the sales in the area.  Brett has NEVER like yard sales, but last week, I took him along and we found a lot of great deals for about $80.  (There were more little things here and there, but this was the majority)
  • A dresser and mirror for one of the girl's rooms.  
  • A complete bedding set for Mary Blakely with a horse theme and rug to match.  (It's a surprise.) It is just what she wanted to decorate in the new house. 
  • Several books for the girls and John
  • Storage baskets with cloth liners for the playroom in the new house
This weekend, we headed over to a local neighborhood for their annual sale.  I'm always on the lookout for toys for John Mason.  He likes to play with little people, tractors, and Mr. Potato Head, but we don't have a lot of other "boy" things for his age.  I found a lady selling an entire collection of Rescue Hero toys for $10.  I offered her $5 and she took it!  Amazing.  Now, he has all of the action figures, the tower, boat, and car,  and we are STILL trying to figure out how all of the pieces work. :) Brett also lucked out on a bunch of tools, tool box, saws, and other stuff for his crews. I also purchased some used homeschool curriculum from a old friend in our old neighborhood.  Overall, we had a successful yard sale excursion.  I think I may have Brett hooked. ;)


  1. That's awesome Hun! I'm glad you found things that you needed & at reasonable prices too! TFS!!!

  2. Wow! What Great Deals!!

    Thank you again for the punch you sent me...that was so sweet of you ♥



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