Monday, April 11, 2011

A Sweet Sheep

This card was made for my sweet cousin Abby who is having her first baby - Emma.  We are so excited!!! She is due to arrive the end of this month.

I just love how this card turned out, so I thought I would share it with you. It was so much fun making this card.  The lamb is colored with SU ink and an aquapainter, then trimmed and mounted on punched cardstock. I punched holes in the wheels and added brads to change it up a bit.  Then I punched a tiny hole in the front of the pull toy and added some linen thread. The ribbons are layered on the card using scortape and then the image is added with stampin' dimensionals.
Sweet Sheep
Supplies:  SU cardstock, ribbon, and Everyday Occasions stamp set (retired)

Friday, April 08, 2011

Running and Fitness

I have made a commitment to God and to myself to keep my body healthy.  My body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.  He just made one body for me, so I am going to take better care of it.  Amen?!

We have been members at our local YMCA for a while so that the kids can participate in sports, camps, and of course, the pool.  I signed our family up for a full membership with the idea that I would take advantage of the the fitness classes and exercise equipment.  Now is the time to live up to it.  To just go...Make the effort. (Then not be able to walk normally for two days because I took a power sculpt class on my first day back.)   So far this week, I've walked, run on the treadmill, participated in a Power Sculpt class, and ran/walked 3 miles with Brett. I have never been a strong runner, so I would like to build up to running easily on our road - which is quite hilly.

One part of exercising that makes a world of difference to me is the music I listen to.  I need upbeat music that is not dirty!  I was searching and searching on itunes for some good tunes to run to, and the majority of what I found was dirty pop music remixed.  Not at all what I'm looking for!  THEN, I found a free podcast called Motion Traxx.  Each day, the fitness DJ guy creates a list of music based on BPM so that you can find a pace that works for you.  Several of the mixes include a trainer giving you intervals to run, walk, or do your workout.  I have only listened to a couple, but so far, it's all clean music with few lyrics.  You can check it out here...Motion Traxx.

Let's take care of our bodies and teach our children to be active!

Friday, April 01, 2011

Slipped Away

It's over. It's finished.  The sweet precious life slipped away to heaven.  I cry, and sometimes at the weirdest moments.  I thought I was over it, but  I don't think you can ever be over a loss. I think about all the mothers who have grown those sweet souls into bodies in the womb for so long. When the little souls pass away, the mother holds onto their earthly flesh. Tiny fingers, toes, eyes, ears....  I pray for them.  I lift them up in their mourning, even though I do not know their names or faces.  I pray and weep for the mothers with terminally ill children, mothers who have lost their babes, only to have them for such a short time.  I mourn and pray and weep for the parents who watch their children suffer, and die. Do I have the right to grieve? Do I have the right to mourn?  Well, yes, of course.  Does it feel fair, or right?  Well, no it doesn't..  God taught me so much through this loss, this trial. God is merciful. He IS mercy. My sweet one was still forming...had a heartbeat once, but not again.  When the flesh I held onto slipped away, there were no fingers or toes...eyes or ears yet, but it was a gift from the Giver of Life. Brett and I mourn our fourth baby, who will have a whole body....a glorified body with fingers wrapped around the face of Jesus.  When the Lion lies down with the Lamb.

I will lift my hands and praise the God who gives and takes away. (Casting Crowns)