Friday, April 08, 2011

Running and Fitness

I have made a commitment to God and to myself to keep my body healthy.  My body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.  He just made one body for me, so I am going to take better care of it.  Amen?!

We have been members at our local YMCA for a while so that the kids can participate in sports, camps, and of course, the pool.  I signed our family up for a full membership with the idea that I would take advantage of the the fitness classes and exercise equipment.  Now is the time to live up to it.  To just go...Make the effort. (Then not be able to walk normally for two days because I took a power sculpt class on my first day back.)   So far this week, I've walked, run on the treadmill, participated in a Power Sculpt class, and ran/walked 3 miles with Brett. I have never been a strong runner, so I would like to build up to running easily on our road - which is quite hilly.

One part of exercising that makes a world of difference to me is the music I listen to.  I need upbeat music that is not dirty!  I was searching and searching on itunes for some good tunes to run to, and the majority of what I found was dirty pop music remixed.  Not at all what I'm looking for!  THEN, I found a free podcast called Motion Traxx.  Each day, the fitness DJ guy creates a list of music based on BPM so that you can find a pace that works for you.  Several of the mixes include a trainer giving you intervals to run, walk, or do your workout.  I have only listened to a couple, but so far, it's all clean music with few lyrics.  You can check it out here...Motion Traxx.

Let's take care of our bodies and teach our children to be active!


  1. I second this!! I exercise daily but don't get outside too much right now because of the weather. My children are quite active & we do love going on bike rides! Kudos to you for making your commitment!!!!

  2. I second what Jackie said and I am trying to get back into the swing of things as well - not easy when I want to do it in the morning and I am the only one home! I hate exercising in the house!!

  3. I am just a random blogger who saw your post and likes it! One group I listen to that is Christian is a group called Relient K (thats how they spell it lol). They are upbeat, there songs are catchy, funny, and clean!


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