Monday, December 27, 2010

Mojo Monday 171

Here is my card for Mojo Monday 171. I really liked the round card. This is actually my first ever!! I used my Cricut to cut out the scalloped circle. Supplies are listed below. Thanks for looking!

Supplies Used:

Stamps – Stampin’ Up Simply Said

Cardstock – Stampin’ Up Pretty in Pink, Melon Mambo, Retired DSP

Ink – SU Rose Red, Certainly Celery, Pretty In Pink

Ribbon – SU Certainly Celery Grosgrain

Embellishment – Pearls, Felt Flowers (retired SU), white gel pen

Progress (and a white Christmas)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We had a white Christmas here. FUN! There was just enough snow to make things pretty without making a huge mess.

Over the past few weeks, house construction has been progressing nicely...even through rainy weather! We now have framing going up. The basement is framed, the main level is framed, and today, the steel beam for the back deck is being set. Once that is done, the framing crew will be able to move on up to the roof, which is scheduled to take about 3 weeks. Here are some pictures of the progress.

This picture is looking at the front door. The grade will actually be built up and the lower concrete wall (the basement) will not be visible. It is so hard for me to imagine that where I stood to take this picture will be underground!
This shot is standing in the same spot as the previous photo, but turning to the left to capture the other end of the house. This photo is taken from the barn. I wanted to get all of the back of the house.

On a funny note, our free range chickens love to peck around the new house. They have even been seen in the basement and on the main floor. The framing crew has had to keep their van door closed, because the gals were hopping up in the back and pecking at the lunches. Oops. What a sight!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Mojo Monday

Christmas time always gets my creative juices going. I love to steal away a moment and escape to my craft room. I then emerge with inky fingers wearing specs of glitter, clips of ribbon, and dabs of glue...and it feels fantastic! Here is my contest entry for Mojo Monday 168. Thanks for looking!

I used the following materials: SU Real Red Cardstock, Graphic 45 Christmas Past The Holly and The Ivy, Hobby Lobby glittered Christmas cardstock, Crafty Secrets Christmas Creative Scraps, SU Stamp Set Bells and Boughs, SU grosgrain ribbon, green gem stickers...and Flowersoft Polar White on the hat and muffler. Oh, and I sprayed the card base with a shimmer spray in Frost. You can't really see the shimmer spray in the picture, but it's so sparkly in real life.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boys = Blood

If I have wiped blood from my son's face once this week, I've wiped it ten times. John Mason is just about 13 months old. He's taking 10 or so steps at a time, climbing on anything, and falling in the process. He's so active and fast. He thinks he can already run...He can walk, why not? So, we have the daily mouth busted from falling or some other mysterious bloody wound. Sunday morning, as I was getting ready for church, I notice that his eyelid was bleeding - right along the lash line. No other bumps or scrapes, just the weird eye lid scrape. I still don't know what happened. (Brett was looking after him while I was getting ready - hmmm.) John Mason is taking his nap while his body repairs his little scrapes in exponential time. Ahhh, the miracle of being fearfully and wonderfully made.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Goings On

Things have been quite busy here as I'm sure it is with everyone! We have been working hard on school work to complete our goals for this school year. The girls will continue to work through the summer...not as rigorous, but enought to keep their minds challenged! John Mason is growing so fast. He's standing alone for longer periods of time and is even trying to take his first steps. It won't be long! Oh, goodness....what am I in for? He is ALWAYS moving...and now he'll be moving faster!

SO....our neighbors have giant Leyland Cypress along the property line (think 20 year old trees). The trees extend about 6 feet over the property line. We've never made a big deal about it because that property line has been pasture. The trees were planted in the power company right of way - under power lines. Well, now they are a hazard (and ugly). The power company contracts Asplundh (huge tree cutting company) to cut - or butcher - trees in power lines. Finally, after 20 years, Sawnee EMC insisted that the tress be cut. WELL...the power lines are on our side (view) of the trees. See photo...

The picture above is the finished job - the butchered trees - all for OUR enjoyment. :rolling eyes: The neighbors convinced the superviser at Asplundh to basically butcher the trees around the power lines. (Again, on our side of the property.) Let me just say...I would NEVER do that to anyone. Here are the trees from the neighbors view.
Oh, wow, look at that! What a beautiful, lush view....(please note my sarcasm). Now, don't get me wrong. Brett and I are not in any way trouble makers or bad neighbors. We actually don't interact much with our neighbors other than the occasional "Hello, how are you" when we see them - they smoke pot in their shop which is next to our barn. Let's just say we don't have much in common. Anway...this entire tree cutting issue is just plain inconsiderate and rude, considering they didn't even talk to us about it. We are going to have to come to a better solution about these trees.

On a more beautiful note, here are some pics of the kids.


May- look at all those teeth!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Values I Love

I was just thinking yesterday about how much I love good values. Here are a few I just had to share. :)

Kroger brand: Tater tots, sliced turkey and ham (the kind in the reusable plastic container), prepackage sliced provolone cheese, whole wheat sub rolls, (Can you tell we like sandwiches?) orange juice, whole wheat waffles, frozen veggies

Kohls: I found some really cute, modest (no too low cut, long in length) t-shirts. They are the Sonoma brand. They wash well and come in cute colors. This shirt and this shirt. (Maybe not the color shown, but the style.)

Walmart: Garanimals - these are cute (well made if you can believe it) mix and match t-shirt and pants for John Mason to play around in. They wash well and hold up nicely. $3.50 each!

Costco: Kirkland brand paper towels, toilet tissue, diapers, and baby wipes. Their produce and meats are fantastic, too.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thanks to a Stranger

Yesterday afternoon was the time I had set aside for us to eat lunch out and run to Walmart for a few things. A trip to the store involves a diaper bag, buggy bag, coats, and of course the kiddos! :) Anyway, things can get hairy, hectic, crazy...whatever you want to call it. Yesterday, though, the children cooperated beautifully. We were headed out to the van, which by the way, was parked in a front spot. That never happens. I got the girls in the van and unloaded the bags into the back. At this point someone was waiting on my prize parking spot. I didn't hurry, but I didn't take my time either. I had to make sure that I got everything out of the buggy and into the car. I made sure that John Mason was buckled in snugly and then I was ready to go. Off we went to visit Brett at the office, then to piano lessons for Mary Blakely. When we arrived at piano lessons a few minutes early, I thought I would sit in the back with the kids and play with John. diaper bag was not in the van. NOWHERE. My stomach flipped. I realized that while I was trying to get out the the prize spot at Walmart, I had carelessly left my diaper bag...AND WALLET (right on top of the bag) the the parking lot buggy corral at Walmart!!! Unbelievable!! To make it short, a WONDERFUL, KIND, HONEST person took my bag into Walmart and gave it to the customer service clerk. Everything was there. Every penny, postage stamp, check...everything. Thanks be to God for his protection! Thank you to the kind, honest stranger.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Five Things

1. The girls started Homeschool Enrichment classes on Mondays at a local church. The group is called North Georgia Homeschool Enrichment. Yesterday was week 3. They LOVE their classes. Mary Blakely is taking drama, ballet, art, and cooking. Emily is taking ballet, Spainish and art. I pack Mary Blakely a lunch and she eats with other students after drama. Emily, John and I eat lunch and then I take her back to attend her classes. This is a wonderful time for the girls to experience a classroom setting and make new friends while learning a skill that I am not teaching at the time. (Although, I have always said that our house was like the Drama Club :) ) John and I run errands and most of the time, I end up reading while he finishes a nap in the car.

2. John Mason is starting to crawl! Where in the world have 8 months gone... When he really gets going, I'll have to put on roller skates to catch him. :)

3. I deactivated my Facebook account shortly after John Mason was born. I was glad to have been able to share the news of his birth with friends and family through this tech outlet. I, however, decided that what little free time I had then could be better spent - rather than reading what everyone was doing on Facebook. Yesterday, I read this blog post from True Woman Blog and I thought I would share. The message is so true and the scripture so convicting.

4. Our three "not so little" pigs are on the way to the slaughter house as I type this. Yay!

5. Our 11th wedding anniversary is this Saturday. It is so hard to believe that Brett and I have been married that long! What a blessing! I am so thankful for my husband.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lovey Love

Lovey love is much better than tough love...when it comes to my baby. I'll wait on the tough love for when he gets older. That's all I'll say about that.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tough Love

I took John Mason to the doctor. He's been waking...and crying...a lot a night. I was worried that he might have an ear infection. Well, no, thank goodness. His ears are fine. "He's in perfect health, so maybe it's time for some tough love," says the doctor. Tough love...that is SO hard. Let him cry. That is SO VERY hard. "Check on him every 10 minutes so that he doesn't feel abandoned. Don't touch him or pick him up," she continues, "Just tell him it's night-night time. Time to go to sleep." I know I went through this with my girls...but they were easier to get to sleep. It wasn't this hard.

I think of all the times the Lord has shown me "tough love." He's letting me work it out - often times crying and squalling - waiting on Him to bring perfect peace. All the while sending me mercy - those whispers of His voice to comfort me so that I don't feel abandoned.

8 The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged." Deuteronomy 31:8 (New International Version)

Thank you, Father, for my children. Thank you for your mercy and grace. Thank you for the promise that you will never leave me or forsake me. Thank you for letting John Mason fall asleep tonight on his own.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Mojo Monday

I took some time today to make a card. I followed the sketch from Mojo Monday. I felt so frantic trying to complete it before John Mason woke up from his nap, but was nice to do some crafting again. It's been a long time since I've been able to play with my papers.The monkey is from an Inkadinkadoo set. I colored her with Copic Markers. The sentiment is from Verve Stamps.


Finally! I have some photos of the kids to share.
Christmas Day
Waiting in line to see Santa

John Mason in a photo session with Mommy in November
Picnic at Amicalola Falls