Thursday, March 08, 2012

House Update

We are down to the last few things on the house before we can move in.  While we will not be completely finished, we are moving in so that we can move out of our current house.  Once we are completely out of the current house, we will have it moved.  Our sweet little house is moving to Bremen, Georgia to serve the ministry of No Longer Bound.  Please pray with us that this transition will be smooth for this ministry.  There are so many permits, rules, etc in moving a house, and Bremen is a far jaunt from here.

All of the following pictures were taken with my iPhone.  My light meter in my digital camera is not working - got to get that fixed!  Anyway, here are a few photos of what's been going on.

Keeping Room before paint

Keeping Room with paint
Keeping room doors to screened terrace

Entering Library
Built in desk in library.  To the right is a secret door bookcase.  Farther right is the fireplace.

Dining Room

Ceiling of Lodge Room (formal living room - no media)

Fireplace of lodge room
View of dining room from kitchen
A view of the house while turning the corner on the road where we live
Morning bar (coffee, juice, etc.)


Laundry - oh my!  What a mess.  All of the contractors use this room as a staging area.

John's room

Stairs to bonus

My desk nook near kitchen...not as bright in person. :)

Powder Room
Playroom upstairs

Playhouse and fire station built into playroom walls.  I will paint bricks on the fire station after we move in.

Art nook off of playroom
Master bedroom (main floor)
Beginning of kitchen cabinets

Front of house
Thanks for looking  - More updates to come!