Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Goings On

Things have been quite busy here as I'm sure it is with everyone! We have been working hard on school work to complete our goals for this school year. The girls will continue to work through the summer...not as rigorous, but enought to keep their minds challenged! John Mason is growing so fast. He's standing alone for longer periods of time and is even trying to take his first steps. It won't be long! Oh, goodness....what am I in for? He is ALWAYS moving...and now he'll be moving faster!

SO....our neighbors have giant Leyland Cypress along the property line (think 20 year old trees). The trees extend about 6 feet over the property line. We've never made a big deal about it because that property line has been pasture. The trees were planted in the power company right of way - under power lines. Well, now they are a hazard (and ugly). The power company contracts Asplundh (huge tree cutting company) to cut - or butcher - trees in power lines. Finally, after 20 years, Sawnee EMC insisted that the tress be cut. WELL...the power lines are on our side (view) of the trees. See photo...

The picture above is the finished job - the butchered trees - all for OUR enjoyment. :rolling eyes: The neighbors convinced the superviser at Asplundh to basically butcher the trees around the power lines. (Again, on our side of the property.) Let me just say...I would NEVER do that to anyone. Here are the trees from the neighbors view.
Oh, wow, look at that! What a beautiful, lush view....(please note my sarcasm). Now, don't get me wrong. Brett and I are not in any way trouble makers or bad neighbors. We actually don't interact much with our neighbors other than the occasional "Hello, how are you" when we see them - they smoke pot in their shop which is next to our barn. Let's just say we don't have much in common. Anway...this entire tree cutting issue is just plain inconsiderate and rude, considering they didn't even talk to us about it. We are going to have to come to a better solution about these trees.

On a more beautiful note, here are some pics of the kids.


May- look at all those teeth!!