Friday, January 29, 2010

Thanks to a Stranger

Yesterday afternoon was the time I had set aside for us to eat lunch out and run to Walmart for a few things. A trip to the store involves a diaper bag, buggy bag, coats, and of course the kiddos! :) Anyway, things can get hairy, hectic, crazy...whatever you want to call it. Yesterday, though, the children cooperated beautifully. We were headed out to the van, which by the way, was parked in a front spot. That never happens. I got the girls in the van and unloaded the bags into the back. At this point someone was waiting on my prize parking spot. I didn't hurry, but I didn't take my time either. I had to make sure that I got everything out of the buggy and into the car. I made sure that John Mason was buckled in snugly and then I was ready to go. Off we went to visit Brett at the office, then to piano lessons for Mary Blakely. When we arrived at piano lessons a few minutes early, I thought I would sit in the back with the kids and play with John. diaper bag was not in the van. NOWHERE. My stomach flipped. I realized that while I was trying to get out the the prize spot at Walmart, I had carelessly left my diaper bag...AND WALLET (right on top of the bag) the the parking lot buggy corral at Walmart!!! Unbelievable!! To make it short, a WONDERFUL, KIND, HONEST person took my bag into Walmart and gave it to the customer service clerk. Everything was there. Every penny, postage stamp, check...everything. Thanks be to God for his protection! Thank you to the kind, honest stranger.

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