Saturday, January 30, 2010

Values I Love

I was just thinking yesterday about how much I love good values. Here are a few I just had to share. :)

Kroger brand: Tater tots, sliced turkey and ham (the kind in the reusable plastic container), prepackage sliced provolone cheese, whole wheat sub rolls, (Can you tell we like sandwiches?) orange juice, whole wheat waffles, frozen veggies

Kohls: I found some really cute, modest (no too low cut, long in length) t-shirts. They are the Sonoma brand. They wash well and come in cute colors. This shirt and this shirt. (Maybe not the color shown, but the style.)

Walmart: Garanimals - these are cute (well made if you can believe it) mix and match t-shirt and pants for John Mason to play around in. They wash well and hold up nicely. $3.50 each!

Costco: Kirkland brand paper towels, toilet tissue, diapers, and baby wipes. Their produce and meats are fantastic, too.


  1. Ooh-- yay for the modest shirts! We have a Kohl's, but it's kind of far away. Perhaps I'll have to venture out there! I love it when shirts are long enough that you don't have to worry about bending over.

    Have you ever looked at some of the Mormon companies' clothing? My Mormon girlfriends are all about the modest clothing, and they love online shopping at Down East Basics, Shade Clothing, and Shabby Apple. I have a couple of Shabby Apple dresses, and they're really cute.

  2. WISH we had a Kohl's here in Savannah :(
    I LOVE Target! I can always find cute stuff for Emily there!


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