Monday, September 08, 2008

What about Queen Esther?

This post is continued from the previous one after much more thought.

God's purpose for each of us is unique. God chose women throughout history to make huge changes in the world and do His will. Queen Esther and Deborah (a judge) just to name two of many. He also called women in the bible to do things that would go against everything they were taught in that day. Ruth went to Boaz in a forward way - totally out of place in that time of society. There are so many more ways that God has used women to "get the job done."

Francine Rivers is my all time favorite Christian author. She has a series of books about women of the bible that were in the lineage of Christ. These books are good reads and scripture based. My point is that if God calls a woman to run for vice president, she should do just as he commands. If God calls a woman to be a helpmate to her husband and to stay at home and homeschool her children, then she should obey.

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