Friday, September 05, 2008


After watching the RNC, I am more comfy casting my vote for McCain-Palin. I just want to say a couple of things....

As we watch the campaigns of our nominees begin, I think of the many doors that will be opened for women when McCain and Palin are elected. My views on womanhood have changed so much in the past year. While I am pleased with the vice presidential nominee, I only wonder the impact that will have on my daughters. Over the past year, I have learned what the bible teaches about womanhood...God's design for women, for mothers....biblical womanhood. If I were president...don't laugh....who would mother my children? Not just care for them...I am sure we could hire very capable and loving nannies, but who would mother them? God teaches us specifically on what a wife and mother should be and how that fits into His plan for us. Yes, I know that God's plans are different for each of us...just something to think about.

At the risk of sounding a teenie weenie bit contractictory to the above thought, I do applaud the success of Sarah Palin and plan to vote for Senator McCain and Gov Palin. I applaud their views on issues, their determination, their experience. I feel that the McCain-Palin ticket is best choice for our country and I will continue to pray for our country, and for our current and future leadership.

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  1. I was a little wary about Gov. Palin at first, just because I knew so little about her. After hearing her speech at the convention, though, I was hooked! I would have voted for Sen. McCain regardless of who he selected as a running mate (given that Obama is an absolutely unacceptable choice), but I just love that he chose this spunky, feisty, sassy hockey mom!


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