Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Playing at Pooles Mill Park

Today, we met the Woody's at Pooles Mill Park. It is a great park...with the exception of the yellow jacket infestation....makes it really hard to sit and have a picnic. We actually ate our pbandj's while running up the path trying to get away from those darn pests! It was an adventure to say the least. One great thing about this park is that it the home of a 107 year old covered bridge. It is really beautiful there! The kids had a great time playing together on the playground and swings while Brandi and I got some "mom" talk time...which is always a good thing!
Tomorrow, our lessons start with GVA! We are so excited! I'll update later in the week with a report on how it is going. Please pray for us as we continue our schooling.


  1. Yikes! Those yellow jackets would scare me. I am NOT a fan of bugs-- especially the stinging kind.

    The pictures of the girls are so cute, though!

  2. I enjoyed reading the blog. I love you guys--you and Brett and these sweet, beautiful girls. Miss you.


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