Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh, that sweet apple smell!

Today, during the girls lunch, I peeled about 10 apples with my handy "apple, peeler, corer, slicer." It made such quick work of the job! Now they are awaiting some chopping to be put into apple cake...with NO nuts....per Mary B's request. I think I should have enough apples for 3 small cakes. The remaining peels and cores are sitting in bowl on the counter next to the door. The sweet smell is permeating my kitchen. The scraps are waiting to go out to the goats. My luck, they won't eat them...they've become so spoiled!

Speaking of goats...Kisney (Like Disney, but with a K), our goat doe, is going to kid (have another baby goat for those city folks) any day now. She is a "scaredy goat" so she's never been one to let us pet her. I can't get close enough to her to feel her belly to see if there is more than one kid in there. She looks about as big as last time, so I think there is just one. The last time she kidded, Brett was in China and it was the coldest day we had all winter. Talk about timing! Dad and Mom rushed over to take care of my know...Mary B and I could run back out to the barn to take care of Kisney's kid. Hee Hee. After all that, I think I can handle another baby goat in the nice warm summer. It will be any day now, probably right now as I am sitting here typing. I'll let you know...and will have pictures, too!

Today, we finished our first day of our homeschool lessons. In Mary B's words, "I liked the counting chip game, and Clara and the Bookwagon, and the Earth, too. I loved reading my Bible because it has everything God wants us to do." She is sitting here reading this post as I write it and requested that I put the "loved" in italics because it means "looooooved." Oh, from the mouth of babes! We covered Math, Language Arts, and History and Bible. I have to say that the K12 curriculum makes it so easy and fun for the parents and children. We add's not included in the state funded curriculum....go figure. We spent a total of four hours on our work (required and extra). Emily enjoyed learning along while we read Clara and the Bookwagon, and studied the continents and the oceans. She even pointed out where Africa was when asked. Now, she's sleeping, while Mary B has some free play (and reads my blog entry).

Now, I am off to make that Apple Cake (with no nuts). YUM!

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  1. Okay, you're totally making me hungry. Why, oh why can't I live close enough to get some of that apple cake??

    Sounds like a good school day! MB's comments are adorable. :-)


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