Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Scritchy Scratchy

Real quick....

Every now and then, we have an unexpected house the attic. You know what I'm talking about.  Yup.  Rodents.  Mice, really.  The rats stay out near the barn, thankfully.  Oh, the joys of farm life. Anyway...last week, Brett and I heard a lot of "scritchy scratchy" in the attic above our bedroom.  The noises stopped, so we checked the traps. Checking the traps is always exciting at our house.  We put John in his room with the gate up and the girls squeal and get all excited while Mommy, yes me, pulls down the attic stairs.  Brett hold the trash can just in case the trap happened to get moved to the attic floor where the stairs let down.  Are you picturing this?  John is bouncing up and down in his doorway with sheer joy that Daddy is climbing the ladder and Mommy looks silly waiting for a sticky trap with a rodent stuck to it to fall on her head.  Okay. Yes, we trapped two mice.  There.  Problem solved.

Not really.  For the next two nights, Brett and I were kept awake with an even louder scratching sound that starts in the ceiling and runs down the wall.  All night long.  How in the world can we trap and rodent down in the wall?!? During the girls' bedtime routine on the second night, Mommy said the prayers.  I prayed that the Lord would make the scratching noise stop.  I actually said "scritchy scratchy" in my prayers, which caused an eruption of laughter from Mary B and Emily.  After prayers, I explained to the girls that God has power over everything.  He created that mouse, and He has control over it.  Amen?!  Guess what?  That night, and all of the nights since then,  there has been no "scritchy scratchy" in the wall!  Thank you, Lord!

Now we wait for the smell....but he has control over that, too, right?!  :)


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