Thursday, February 03, 2011

Blog Button Fun

After searching the net for the most straight forward blog badge/button tutorial, I found one here.  Two hours later....I have a blog button, a new header and a button for my DH business, Vertical Earth.  (The last one was just for fun and encouragement for my honey.  You can check it out if you want - lots of big construction jobs and equipment.)  It took me two hours because the first hour was spent designing my button in Photoshop and figuring out the "code."  The second hour was spent making my blog banner (because I wanted them to coordinate) and hubby's button. So whatdya think?

If you like to visit often...and I hope you can grab my blog button to make traveling easier.


  1. Your blog looks beautiful! great job on the look - love the scripture too!

  2. Looks superb! Very cheerful and bright! Congratulations! :)

  3. Looks beautiful, my dear! Great job!


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