Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

When we first started our building project, Brett and I were discussing how we (I) would tackle cleaning the hardwood floors. After researching the best products to clean the floors, we settled on Bona floor cleaner.  It gets great recommendations and is easy to use - just spray and mop.  Here's the thing...I have the WORST luck with spray bottles, and the idea of squeezing the sprayer over and over and over....well, I wasn't on board.  Then, Brett jokingly said we could get a "chemical" sprayer and put our cleaning solution in it to spray onto the floor.  For about a year now, I have had this idea floating around in my noggin.  Now, friends, it's time to clean floors and get ready to move in.  Last week, I purchased this one gallon sprayer

and the Bona floor cleaner concentrate from Amazon.  I have a dust/ floor mop with pads that you can change and wash.  Armed with my new cleaning arsenal, I was ready to try out the new tools this past weekend.  It works FANTASTIC.  I pump the sprayer until the pressure builds up.  I then point the wand and pull the trigger, spray a manageable area and mop.  Easy peasy!  The cleaner is also fantastic because it repels dust and foot prints.  Trust me.  We still have subcontractors coming in and working, and for some reason they just can't stay on the paper path. 

Happy cleaning!


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  1. Jeff H.12:35 PM


    You should share the full story about the first cleaning of the newly finished floors!

    Good stuff!

    Jeff H.


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