Wednesday, August 03, 2011

People are Dynamic

dynamic:  marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change

Brett and I were in Walmart a couple of Friday nights know, date night, right? We ran into a lady from church.  The conversation went here and there, and we ended up talking about college kids.  When we mentioned how much we have changed in our spirituality, standards, and biblical views since college, she seemed truly shocked. You see, when you only know someone in a particular time in their life, it is easy to thing they have always been that way, or will always be that way. Brett and I were totally different people now that we were then.  The Lord has allowed us to grow together in grace and love in our marriage, and for that we are so thankful.  When we were headed home after our romantic date to Walmart, we talked about how hard it must be for spiritually healed people who once lived crazy, messed up lives to live without judgement for those who knew them when.  Or how about the devoted, church going Godly family, teaching the good news, and involved in church, totally giving it all up to the world for acceptance, lustly pleasures, affairs, and divorce.  Brett reminded me that people are dynamic. We are all changing.  Our experiences (good and bad), challenges, fears and joys of each day shape us, change us and make us dynamic.  Will your experiences lead you to enter the narrow gate, or will you pass through the easy, wide gate that leads to destruction? (Matthew 7:13)


  1. God is still working on me :)

  2. This is so true. The older I get, the more I realise how little we actually know about most of the people around us. We only see the public side of people. God looks at the heart. I am so thankful that he has patience with me :) (which reminds me that I should have more patience with others :)



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