Friday, January 14, 2011

Ice Skating Chicken

Day 5 - Alaska, um I mean Atlanta, GA

Each morning, when temps are below freezing, I have to take water from the house out to the chickens as they do not have a heater in their water. (The entire set up to heat the water for them would cost $150). Um, I paid one dollar for each chicken. I just can't justify a hefty price tag for the heater. So, I won't complain about taking them water. Anyhoo, half of the chicken run is covered, so the half that is not is full of snice (my new word for snow-ice) . The hens have confined themselves in the back of the run, undercover. Who can blame them? Well, this morning, I took the feeder out to fill it up and the ladies wanted to follow. Oh, but that meant having to cross the cold, white stuff. So one flew over it and out the door. As she landed, she skated or slid - wings flapping and cackling a scream - out over the snice. I so wish I had my phone to video. Once she got stopped, she just stood there staring at me while I filled up the feed at the barn. On my way back, I scooped her up and placed her back in the run where her friends were looking at her like, "What the heck?"

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  1. too funny! Hope it warms up for you guys soon!! It's COLD down here on Wilmington Island and I'm ready for ☼SUNNY☼ Days too!


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